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Safeguarding at the school

At Al-Khair we strive to keep all children safe under our care. We provide a nurturing environment where we develop relationships with the children where they trust and respect the teachers. We would like all parents to also play a role in this at home. Our termly safeguarding newsletter are sent each term and this serves as a reminder and will provide you with the latest in statutory guidance.

It is important that parents are equipped with the relevant knowledge for them to support their children in all aspects of life. As educationalists, we will endeavor to provide you with the latest information and statutory guidance. This may come in the form of newsletters or workshops.


We have been working very hard trying to ensure that all the children remain safe and comfortable whilst in our care. This is done through conversations with their class teachers, within PSHE lessons, assemblies and through daily activities. We are constantly reinforcing good behavior, but there will always be incidents where children fall short of what is expected of them.

We have a robust behavior policy that allows us to monitor and assess the trends in behavior around the school. It is important to remind children of how their behavior affects others.

We recently conducted a survey with the pupils we asked them to complete questionnaires. One questionnaire focused on how safe they felt at school, the other was based on their studies, and alhudullillah we had a positive response that shows our pupils feel safe and consider Al-Khair a comfortable place to grow.