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Our Commitment to Pupils & Parents

Every parent wants their children to be safe, receive a good education, gain a sense of responsibility and demonstrate spiritual growth.

At Al-Khair, we treat our pupils as part of our large family, providing them an opportunity to grow and learn in a challenging, but safe environment.

We also have the highest expectations of our pupils. Punctuality is the key to successful education, and we expect all of our pupils to attend school on time every day.

We encourage and promote high ethical standards and enforce our behaviour policy vigorously across the schools. We implement demerit and commendation points system which has benefits for pupils who demonstrate the positive progressive behaviour but also have clear consequences for misbehaviour.  We have zero tolerance of bullying, abusive or discriminatory language and violence. We anticipate constructive behaviour from our all pupil but equally expect all our parents to reinforce these positive behaviours at home.

We teach the  National Curriculum along with the Islamic education and strive to establish a culture of high aspirations throughout the school. Our highly qualified staff set ambitious targets for every pupil and every pupil is evaluated accordingly. Staff prepare our pupils to achieve higher grades than the standard expectations.

Our highly balanced and broad curriculum not only emphasis on the academic results but also focus on the Islamic learning. Our learning priorities are English language, Science, Mathematics, Literacy, Numeracy, Humanities, Art & Islamic education. Our curriculum is both coherent and cumulative, with an emphasis on the critical importance of knowledge acquisition. Our curriculum approach is to produce well-versed, intelligent and socially aware individuals in the society. We don’t only endeavour for academic excellence but also ensure to provide an essential foundation for our new generation to flourish in the current challenging environment.

Our strategy of teaching focus on having qualified, reliable and experienced staff who can not only lead the class but deliver well devised curriculum to the high standards. Staff’s innovative and advanced approaches promote best practices and sustain pupils’ interest. This also provides us an opportunity to ensure if pupils are meeting their desired standards and our high expectations. After pupil’s assessment, our staff intricately prepare and set targets for every pupil and adequate interventions and personalised ‘catch-up’ activities are planned. Our experience staff frequently analyse pupil’s academic performance and assess their target progress so that pupil’s achievements can be monitored constantly.

Termly reports are dispatched to the parents to ensure they are fully informed about their child’s progress. Parents meetings are also held to raise any concern regarding their child’s academic development, and we intervene immediately with a personalised approach if there is a cause of concern.

Our Career Week programme brings together highly-successful leaders from the different business sectors who embody performance, moral and civic leadership. Secondary school pupils benefit from hearing the success and motivational stories of locals, regional and national leaders, and primary school pupils have an opportunity to engage with influential keynote speakers. These aspirational role models offer real-world advice about setting, achieving and surpassing personal goals, nurturing ambition and self-motivation in all our pupils.

If you would like to find out more about what we do in schools or would like to make suggestions for improvements, please write to  us or arrange meetings with the headteacher.  The more involved you are, the more positive will your child’s school experience be!