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Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) is a leading UK-based Muslim charity, and we have been engaged in charitable work for almost 17 years. Our focus remains today to educate orphans and children from underprivileged communities. Our work in education led to our work with widows and vulnerable women, and then to the establishment of the AKF shelters. In consequence we have also launched our water aid and livelihood projects, and the Al-Khair Foundation medical aid programmes.

AKF has been at the forefront of assisting those in the most need, In 2005, AKF rose to the challenge of providing emergency aid during the Kashmir Earthquake of that year. This was our first venture into the area of Overseas Disaster Relief. In the same year, during the winter months, AKF distributed food, shelter kits and medicine to survivors of the quake.

Since then, AKF has undertaken emergency aid missions all over the world. Our support of the Haiti earthquake survivors was recognised by the United Nations in 2010. While during the Japan earthquake of 2011, we were the only UK Muslim charity working with survivors on the ground.

Alhamdulillah, Al-Khair Foundation is continuing to expand its efforts at home and overseas. In the last 60 months, Al-Khair has delivered an incredible £100 million of aid, focusing on emergencies, health, water, education, women, livelihood and shelter.


For further information visit the Al-Khair Foundation website www.alkhair.org

 Schools’ Projects:

Al-Khair School project is a pioneering initiative of Al-Khair Foundation led by the proprietor Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad. From the beginning, we have viewed the education of our children to be a key priority.

The success of our UK schools paved the way to AKF building schools overseas. From its very beginnings as an educational programme, Al-Khair Foundation has been committed to increasing literacy and employability skills, striving to educate our new generation, both at home and abroad, so that they may dream of a better future with Islamic understanding.

Al-Khair School was inaugurated in 2003 in Croydon, London, UK which has now evolved into a fully self-sufficient independent Primary & a separate Boys and Girls Secondary School, serving over 400 pupils. This project flourished with the support of the community and this success provided assurance to our commitment. Today, we are building schools, sponsor educational initiatives and provide vocational training in many locations around the world, including in the UK, Somaliland, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza) and Bangladesh.

We have nine schools in our portfolio – four in the United Kingdom, one in Somaliland and four in Pakistan – from which we educate over 6,000 children. We also educate over 3,700 Palestinian children in Gaza, with our support of Palestinian children garnering acclaim from the UN.