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Enrichment activities at Al Khair School are a cornerstone of our approach to education, fostering holistic growth and personal development in students. These initiatives offer numerous benefits, contributing to students’ overall learning experience and skill development in various ways. Here is a formatted summary of the key points:

Benefits of Enrichment Activities

  1. Diverse Learning Opportunities: These activities expose students to diverse subjects and activities beyond their regular curriculum, igniting new interests and broadening horizons.
  2. Skill Development: Participation helps students develop essential skills like teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking, valuable for academics and future careers.
  3. Personal Growth: Enrichment activities build self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of identity, allowing students to discover and develop their talents and interests.
  4. Enhanced Academic Performance: Certain clubs reinforce classroom concepts, while others improve critical thinking and communication skills, positively impacting academic performance.
  5. Social Interaction: Promote social interaction and help students build friendships with like-minded peers, fostering a supportive and inclusive school community.
  6. Time Management: Students learn effective time management by balancing enrichment responsibilities with academics.
  7. Cultural Appreciation: Activities related to arts, culture, or language foster an appreciation for different cultures, promoting global awareness and tolerance.
  8. Leadership Opportunities: Some activities offer leadership positions, allowing students to develop leadership qualities for future endeavors.
  9. Career Exploration: Certain clubs provide insights into potential career paths or fields of interest.
  10. Well-Rounded Education: Enrichment activities contribute to well-rounded education, making students more than just academically proficient.
  11. Sense of Belonging: They create a sense of belonging, enhancing the school’s culture.

Enrichment Initiatives at Al Khair School

  1. Public Speaking: Emphasis on public speaking skills, reciting poetry, and introducing debating and interview skills.
  2. Student Council: Students are elected based on their vision for the school, focusing on community involvement, school improvement, and partnerships with other schools.
  3. Student PREFECTS: Encouraging free thinking and creativity, prefects are chosen based on their attitude, commitment, and conduct, undertaking responsibilities to support the school community.
  4. Reading Ambassadors: Older students support younger children in reading and phonics, serving as role models and enhancing confidence and engagement.
  5. Interfaith School Forum: Al Khair School has strong links with local schools, promoting respect and understanding of differences and similarities.
  6. House Groups: The house system involves students in wider extracurricular experiences, fostering competition, participation, and commitment within the school community.

These enrichment activities and initiatives are vital to the well-rounded education and personal development of our students at Al Khair School. They help shape them into confident, capable, and empathetic individuals ready to navigate the challenges of the world.

3pm- 6pm* Option 1** Option 2**
Monday Strikers Academy Football Club(Reception – Year 6) Express Yourself Public Speaking(Reception – Year 6)
Tuesday Excel at 11+ English (Years 4-6) Gymnastics Stars (Reception – Year 3)
Wednesday Homework Heroes (Reception – Year 6) Theatrical Adventures (Drama) (Reception – Year 6)
Thursday Qur’an/Hifz (Reception – Year 6) Homework Heroes (Reception – Year 6)
Friday Excel at 11+ Maths (Years 4-6) Creative Crafters (Reception – Year 3)