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Enrichment & Leadership


Student leadership and enterprise opportunities are a vital component within our school ethos; sharing initiative and innovation to further our local, national and global community. Our School Council is a fundamental part of school life, meeting weekly to ensure that the whole school has a voice in contributing to its development. Students learn how to create agendas, take minutes and monitor goals. Sometimes the School council gives the opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning through the choice of selecting whole school educational technology to support their learning or at other times initiating, organising and managing more entrepreneurial commerce through various types of sales for fundraising.

Inculcating the spirit of stewardship and service is a central theme at our school. The spirit to serve and help people is fundamental to leadership. It is our aim to inculcate this spirit of service within our students through a comprehensive curriculum. We believe that the soft and hard skills required of a leader should be a part of our students learning or development process, It should, where appropriate, permeate all subjects as well as the general ethos, culture and community of our school.  Embedding leadership within the curriculum provides our young people with the language and tools to help them develop their leadership skills.

Leadership skills are modelled by each and every one of our teachers in variety of contexts.  We have therefore distributed a variety of responsibilities to our staff and also to students. The student council facilitates this distribution of responsibilities to the students and also provides them mentorship in fulfilling their responsibilities whilst they also embrace the fruits of collaboration and democracy. This programme facilitates for students to inculcate the service attitude. It is held on a weekly basis and it provides a range of areas that our students can contribute and develop their leadership skills in. Some of the roles include advisors for pedagogical improvement, support learning, sports, fundraising, and facilities and promoting health, in the curriculum we also cover the spirit and skills of leadership in our PSHE & Citizenship curriculum. This provides students with a structured and scaffolder sequence of activities that will allow them to develop in the various facets of leadership including: constructive and healthy teamwork in a variety of settings using both hard skills like minutes keeping, target monitoring, budgeting and planning as well as soft skills like empathy, leadership styles and procedural justice.

Enrichment opportunities at Al Khair School are fundamental to the holistic development of every child. All children have the right to develop confidence, new skills including the soft and hard skills required for leadership; working independently, or within a group to enhance their learning experience. Commitment to a team, skill, project or performance supports each pupil’s sense of dignity and accomplishment, whilst building a base for academic achievement.

We regularly host and partake in events, trips, recitals, and performances often working in partnership with charities to fundraise, as well as promote pupil development. Students participate in public speaking, readings, recitals, and performances to develop their confidence. Students enjoy a range of trips locally and further afield in the UK. Visits to historic sites, museums and nature reserves allows learning to be enhanced outside of the classroom and for lessons and topics to come to life.