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Our Mission, Vision, Ethos & Values

Al-Khair School is dedicated in helping our students achieve excellence in education within a stimulating, caring and secure Islamic environment. We focus on providing our students with a holistic education and teaching them how to manage their time, their education and ways to present themselves and their work.

We teach them skills that enable them to debate, reflect, critique and think. These are lifelong skills that will help foster and develop the type of Muslim professionals/academics who can contribute positively to the world they inherit.

The methodologies, techniques and understandings employed by the schools are strongly underpinned by a stimulating Islamic environment. At Al-Khair we expect the children to memorise as much of the Qur’an as they are able. We teach Arabic, Islamic studies and all those matters which are necessary for them to complete their Islamic obligations. More importantly, we teach them what the Qur’an means not only through their Islamic studies, but by creating a positive Islamic environment, showing respect and kindness to one another, and learning to respect ALL within the wider society.