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What is E-Safety

The modern technology such as internet, mobile phones, computer, android devices, tablets are the essential parts of our modern life. These devices uses internet which is a world wide web and now has become extraordinary invention in 21st century and our dependence on this technology is inevitable and necessary in the modern world.

It can enrich lives and empower children and families when used in a safe and secure environment. It is responsibility of schools and parents to protect and educate children to use the technology safely. This technology has endless advantages but also carries serious concerns that children/adults can get access to its dark side such as cyberbullying, pornography, violent games, gambling, self-harm, radicalization and grooming.

Therefore, parents, carers and everyone involved in educating and looking after children need to be familiar with some key principles and should know where to find more information for general use and in case of an incident of concern.


Our Curriculum

The national curriculum for computing includes elements of E-safety and we provide sufficient information to our pupils about the usage of this technology, keeping their information safe, recognizing unacceptable behavior and know how to get help in case of a problem arise. This does not mean that parents can leave this to schools, it is a joint responsibility between school and home.


Guide for Parents

There are several ways to find authentic information and advice for parents and carers which will allow them to guide and protect children on aspects such as:

  • – Whether sites or apps children use are likely to be ‘safe’ for them
  • – Sharing personal information and ‘general’ images
  • – Sexting (sending or receiving explicit images, often using phones)
  • – Using webcams, skype, facetime and similar technology
  • – How parents can filter contents on the internet to block some types of contents
  • – How parents can install software or configure their devices to prevent some types of use.
  • – How parents can help configure the settings in apps to protect the child
  • – Restricting games consoles to age appropriate games
  • – How to report problems if they arise

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