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Our Uniform

The school has a very stringent uniform policy which must be adhered to at all times. Parents must ensure that their child attends school in correct attire unless circumstances permit otherwise.

School Uniform:

  • Grey ankle length pinafore *
  • White shirt (full sleeve)
  • Grey blazer with the school logo *
  • Grey/black socks
  • Plain grey/black leggings or trousers
  • Black shoes (without design/non designer, no heels)
  • Burgundy wraparound hijab
  • No jewellery
  • Black school bag * (no handbags)

Plain Black rucksacks and satchels are the only acceptable type of bag permitted by the school. String bags are prohibited as they often damage school textbooks and exercise books.

Smart and plain coloured outdoor coats (not either leather or denim) are allowed to be worn in school over the school blazers if pupils feel cold during the winter months or if the classrooms need to be ventilated in adverse weather.

P.E Uniform:

  • White tennis or polo shirt with school logo only *
  • Plain black loose tracksuit bottoms * (without design/non designer)
  • Black jacket with school logo only*
  • Plain black trainers (without design/non designer)

All clothing must be marked with the owner’s name and initials.

All items marked (*) are available to be purchased from: https://www.bubblegumschoolwear.com/al-khair-girls-secondary

Shop address to buy our uniform:

113 High Street