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Enrichment & Extra-Curricular

Our vision

Our vision to create future leaders with a positive, well-rounded, humanitarian and Islamic perspective which allows pupils who leave the school to be Ambassadors of Islam in every sense of the word. Although we take great pride in our academic achievements, academic success and excellence are seen as a consequence of good character. The Islamic personality (Akhlaq) of our pupils is important and it is here that our ‘Enrichment programme’ plays a key role.


Enrichment is an integral part of every Al Khair pupils’ school experience, providing them with opportunities to try new activities, develop their character, learn life skills and encourage them to pursue wider goals. We create a culturally rich education through activities that extend their learning and make their subjects more meaningful.

We believe that education goes beyond grades and exam results and providing our pupils with new experiences and cultural capital can help to shape their futures.

We pledge the following 11 before 11 to all our pupils: 11 before 11 Pledge

We focus on the following core areas:

Beyond the curriculum

Careers & Employability

Personal Development

Community Participation

Beyond the Curriculum

All subjects build enrichment into their study programmes in various ways including:

  • Interventions offered by various departments
  • Whole school curriculum theme days including enrichment days such as Arabic Day, Shakespeare Fest and Poetry by Heart
  • UK Maths Challenge
  • STEM Competitions
  • Bronze Crest Awards
  • Visits to art galleries and museums including Wallace Collection Art to Inspire Writing workshop
  • Guest speakers
  • National Theatre Live Production
  • Shakespeare Live
  • House of Parliament Trips
  • Facebook and YouTube Office visits
  • Sports: Archery, Martial Art, Horse Riding, Djembe Drumming, Golf, Capoeira

Personal development

We develop our pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural education in various ways which will allow them to succeed in society. We want our pupils to recognise their own worth and develop a sense of their identity as well as respect and ability to work with others. We provide opportunities to work collaboratively with peers from their own year group and other year groups. Personal development is inter-linked with the whole enrichment programme from community participation to careers. Below are just some of the opportunities we provide our pupils:

  • National Citizens Service: Mindfulness & Well-being workshops
  • Muslim Digital Citizens
  • Enterprise Projects
  • Intergenerational Projects
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • English Speaking Board (ESB) Award

Community Participation

We want to create a generation of individuals that care about their communities and have a sense of social responsibility.  This is not only part of promoting British Values of community spirit, tolerance, respect and conscientious but are also part of our Islamic values of stewardship. Pupils gain an understanding from the Quran and the Prophetic example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on how to be compassionate and play a constructive role in society.

We have built strong links with organisations locally, nationally and internationally. Our pupils have the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and make a difference to causes that are important to them.

Every half-term we have a student-led Charity House Competition. Pupils work within their groups and plan a charity event for a cause of their choice. They plan projects, contribute with different ideas and execute the whole delivery of the project from start to finish. As a school, we thrive on helping different causes through fundraising and awareness events which we teach and develop the students to lead.

Pupils also have opportunities to take on additional responsibilities and support the wider school community. Some volunteer as Digital Citizens Ambassadors, Reading Buddies and take a lead on workshops such as anti-bullying.

One Billion Acts: This year we will introduce the 1 Billion Acts of Peace to Change the World. This programme has been nominated 8 times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Pupils will work on a campaign to mobilise the school community and create an impact on issues we face together.


Please visit our Careers page for full details of our Careers Programme.

  • National Citizens Service: Employability workshops
  • Mentoring scheme with professionals from various careers
  • Lunch-time Career Drop in sessions
  • Work experience placements
  • Guest speakers from various careers to talk about their experiences
  • Careers’ Week
  • Careers’ workshops including personal statement writing sessions

Current Enrichment Clubs

We have made every effort in this challenging time to continue to offer enrichment activities. The school will start to re-introduce furthermore clubs ensuring social distancing is maintained, students remain in class bubbles and within the set guidelines.

Enrichment Calendar 2020-21

Both documents are updated regularly to meet the needs of our pupils.