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Al Khair School puts the Academic and wellbeing of its students as a priority.

We value all of our students and encourage them to excel not just Academically but also to develop within themselves a strong sense of emotional wellbeing going forward. As such, Al Khair School has a counselling service open to those students that are in need of them. It is important for the voice of the students to be heard and our trained counsellor works with students, parents and relevant staff members to help those students in a safe environment where they are free to express their feelings and emotions.

For parents that feel that their children would benefit from our counselling services please contact our Head Teacher for an informal discussion. We are always here to help.

Our Counsellor is training in the following areas:

• Parent, Child, Teacher Relationships
• The Complexities of Growth
• Behaviour Therapies
• Grief and Bereavement
• Co-dependency
• Dysfunctional Families Recovery – The Therapeutic Process
• Psychological Study of Education
• Memory and Learning
• Child Bullying and Child Abuse