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Al-Khair Secondary Girls School

109-117 Cherry Orchard Road
East Croydon

Headteacher: Mr Gareth Thomas

General Enquiries:

Tel: 0208 662 8664

Email: secondary@alkhairschool.org.uk

For Admissions Enquiries:

Tel: 0208 662 8664

Email: secondaryadmissions@alkhairschool.org.uk

For Attendance Enquiries:

Tel: 0208 662 8664

Email: secondaryattendance@alkhairschool.org.uk

For Finance or Fees Enquiries:

Tel: 0208 662 8664


For Complaints:

Please write to us on the address mentioned above, or email us at secondary@alkhairschool.org.uk

You can also speak to us on 0208 662 8664.

For further information, please see our Complaint Policy in Policies & Procedure section.

Currently Registered Complaints = 0

For Press Enquiries:

Please contact our media advisor for all press related enquiries, see his details below.

Mark Thomas