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Admission & Fees

Narrated ‘Uthman: The Prophet said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”  (Sahih Bukhari)

Al-Khair School is fully committed to equal opportunities in education. No applicant to Al-Khair School should be discriminated against on the basis of race, nationality, colour or ethnic origin.

At Al-Khair School, we very much look at the whole child and base our decision not only on the academic results but also through the interview process. Our vision is to take the children who we believe will truly benefit from our environment and who will benefit themselves and their surroundings in turn.

The appropriate year group that a child enters the school is usually determined by their age on 1st September in any year. However, the Headteacher may decide to accept the child for a different year based on assessment and interview.

As a matter of policy we do not admit pupils into Year 10 and 11 (although places can be awarded to pupils in Year 10 at the discretion of the Headteacher). This decision is based on practical grounds such as the problems in matching the exam boards and the order in which topics are taught at GCSE and social considerations, aiming not to change the social mix of those year groups in their examination year.

 Our Criteria for Admission Is:

  • The prospective pupil reaches a sufficiently good standard in the School’s assessment to satisfy the Headteacher.
  • That the prospective pupil is judged to have sufficient aptitude, commitment and willingness to cope with the general pace of learning within the School.
  • That the School will meet the needs of the prospective pupil.

 Admission Process:

Information about the application process is available on the school website (www.alkhairschool.org.uk) along with the on-line application form. Please complete the on-line form and submit the following to the school office:

  •  Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Proof of Address
  • Latest School Report
  • Registration fee (non-refundable) of £60

It is important to note that you will receive an automatic email reply on successful submission of your on-line application form.

As the building constraints of the school limit the intake of admissions, the order in which applications are received is relevant when offers of places are being considered.

Reports from a school currently attended by an applicant are not always available and thus do not form part of the selection procedure.

If an applicant has a brother or sister who is already at the school then, provided that the applicant satisfies the minimum published criteria for selection, an offer is made.

 Personal Information and Validity:

Al-Khair School respects the privacy rights of parents/carers and is committed to ensuring that it protects personal details and other information made available to the School in line with the Data Protection Act.

It will be assumed that the information provided by the parent/carer is true to the best of the individual’s knowledge and belief. If a parent/carer submits false or deliberately misleading information or deliberately withholds any relevant information, the application becomes invalid and the place is withdrawn.

Parents who do not provide evidence of their child’s address as requested, or provide conflicting or inconclusive information, may have the place withdrawn, even if it has already been accepted. When parents live separately, the address used should be the one that the child usually lives at and attends school from. If a child lives equally with both parents at different addresses, it is the parents’ responsibility to make this clear on the application form. Parents may be asked to provide acceptable proof that this is the case.

No pupil will be admitted into the School until all formalities have been completed and all required documentation has been provided and verified.

 Assessment for Entry:

All prospective pupils are assessed for entry as follows:

  •  For Years 7 – 8 the prospective pupils are required to sit an English and Maths paper (one hour each).
  • For Years 9 – 10 the prospective pupils are required to sit an English, Maths, Science (one hour each) and Arabic paper (for 45 min).

Download HERE our KS3 Math Sample Paper

Download HERE our KS3 English Sample Paper


Al-Khair School places great importance on parental support and their belief in the ethos and values of Al-Khair School as crucial for a child’s academic success. All parents/carers will be interviewed.

Pupils applying for Year 7 onwards must bring to the interview a piece of work of which they are particularly proud of and they should be prepared to discuss the work with the interviewer. They must also bring their school report and a character reference. Candidates are interviewed by the Headteacher. The interview will concentrate on their strengths at school and their interests. It will also assess communication skills, creativity, general knowledge and logic.

 Transferring from primary to secondary school:

There is no automatic transfer from Year 6 to Year 7.

Year 6 parents must complete an admissions form if they wish for their child to be considered for entry into Year 7. The process is the same as for external candidates.

 Informing parents of outcome:

Offers are made after the Entrance Examination and the Interview. Parents/carers will be notified of the outcome of their application as soon as is reasonably possible.

When a place is being offered the School office will contact the parent/carer by telephone/email and arrange an admission date. An offer letter will be sent with the school contract.

Where an applicant has not achieved a satisfactory standard, a school place will not be offered.

 Security Deposits:

To secure the place, the signed contract must be returned to the school office by the specified deadline and payment of the deposit.

The deposit is £800. This is an advance deposit taken to secure your child’s place and is non-refundable; however, if four months’ notice is given prior to leaving school it will be counted toward the school fees in the last four months.

Should a prospective pupil secure a place and decide to not join the School, the £800 will only be refunded if notice is given within 7 days after making the payment.

If written acceptance is not received by the specified deadline the place will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.

 Waiting Lists:

A waiting list will be held and all applicants on the list are considered to have qualified for entry to Al-Khair School should a vacancy become available.

Should a place become available the School will offer the place to the next candidate on the list.

Contact Our Admission Officer:

Please contact the School’s admission officer at the following email address for any further queries:


Fees Information:

Secondary Schools Fees


Annual Amount Termly Amount

Monthly Amount


£5200.00 £1733.33 £433.33
2021-2022 £5280.00 £1760.00


2022-2023 £5280.00 £1760.00



 Sibling discounts

Child No

Discount %

Payable Fees %

Child 1



Child 2



Child 3



Child 4 or more




Payment Options:

Annual: 1st Instalment due 10th of every September

Termly: 3 equal instalments due every 10th September, 10th January & 10th Apr

Monthly: 12 instalments starting from September to August, due by 10th of every month.

Payment MUST be made by Direct Debit, Standing Order or Bank Transfer. Cash is strictly NOT accepted. Please contact the Finance Department on accounts@alkhairschool.org.uk to obtain your payment reference for making payments online or via standing orders.

For Further information, please read our fees policy HERE.


How to Apply

CLICK HERE to complete the admission form or go to “Forms” section:

  1. Application process fees is £60 which is non-refundable. Please select the date and time for your entrance test after submitting the application.
  2. Please see our admission policy for further information.



Fees are subject to annual review and periodical increase, with a terms notice.

One Term notice in writing is required to withdraw a pupil from the school. If such notice is not given the deposit will not be refunded.

Parents will be required to pay separately for EC activities, school trips, school lunches and for child’s learning resources.